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Our Guarantee & Nutritional Values of Biltong

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We take a great deal of care in producing high quality meat products. We personally  oversee every step of the process to ensure the products are treated with care. Products for your order are selected with your preferences in mind, so that we are sure you will be happy with what you receive. Parcel packing is done meticulously to ensure that you receive your order in the best possible condition. It is then mailed or sent to you by courier which is where our responsibility could end BUT we don't think so, we want you to be Satisfied when you receive your package.  

You can imagine how upset WE feel if YOU are disappointed in any way when you receive your order.  That is why we are prepared to give you a 100% guarantee on the quality of the products on arrival.  What that means to you,  is that...

1.  If you open a packet and find the contents are not as you expected, you need to contact us immediately (again within 48 hours of receiving the parcel, please), so that we can rectify the problem. Please also take photos to submit to us. 

2.  Please remember that in the case of paper packets, the contents are guaranteed until received, thereafter the correct storage is up to you - this is indicated on the back of each packet. Although there is a Best Before date on the label, that only indicates that if the product is stored correctly, it is best consumed prior to that date.  Of course you can still call us if it is not 100% to your satisfaction on arrival. 

3.  The solution is not the same in every case as you may request a replacement or prefer your cash back, but the outcome is the same - your complete Satisfaction.


Nutritional values of BILTONG:      


Calculated values based on USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference NDB No: 23028


Biltong is judged subjectively by each person.  Our definition of wet may differ from yours and likewise, fatty.  We will always do our best to select the right biltong according to your order.   We send out the biltong in the most appropriate way and the storage after receipt needs to be very carefully monitored.  Wet and fatty biltong requires further drying to allow for the curing process to continue.  If it is not consumed immediately, it needs to be in open, moving air.  Obviously it is unwise to consume large amounts of fatty biltong at one time.

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